About Me

A self-taught photographer who is greatly influenced by story-tellers like Gregory Crewdson and the technical mastery of old masters like Horst P. Horst & Irving Penn.

I love people in my images. People as characters within a story, interacting with their surroundings, real or in fantasy. 


Since 2014, I have been working from our private underwater studio located in London equipped to handle a variety of projects and commissions. My personal work has always been about portraying subjects within the water as if that was the world they have always existed in.

All the images you see here were shot at our dedicated underwater studio located in London.


Winner of the V&A's Horst P Horst Photography Competition
Finalist: Hasselblad Masters 2016 Fashion & Beauty
Hospital Club h.club100 2015 shortlist for 'The Most Innovative and Influential People in Fashion'


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